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Frequently asked questions

Who are you and what do you do?
We are Cambridgeshire Bouncy Castle Hire ( and we are an award-winning Bouncy Castle Hire Company who hires Bouncy Castles in Cambridgeshire! We hire Bouncy Castles, slides, sumo suits and more fun items to families and event organisers in and around Cambridgeshire including Peterborough and Cambridge.

How do you inflate the bouncy castle when you have delivered it? Will I be able to put it down?
Our bouncy castles are inflated using electric fan blowers. They are simply plugged in to a normal 13A plug socket. We supply long extension cables fitted with RCD safety breakers. You can deflate the Bouncy Castle if its not going to be used for a period of time while it's installed. Instructions provided on the day show how to do this simply and safely.

How much Space to I need?
The dimensions of our castles are shown in the description page of every item. Remember that some space is required around the Bouncy Castle for safety purposes, there's a blower which is placed at the rear, mats placed at the front and we need to be able to comfortably walk around the outside. Contact us if you're unsure about what size Bouncy Castle to choose.

What kind of access do you need when you deliver the castle?
The castles are wheeled in to position using a sack trolly, the Bouncy castle on the trolly, rolled up is about the size of a wheelie bin. Therefore we will need a standard size path and standard size doorways to get the castle in to your garden or venue. If you have a lot of steps or a tight entrance way, please let us know so that we can arrange alternative access if required. We will send more detailed information about access requirements in a confirmation email which we send after you've booked.

Can the bouncy castles go indoors?
Yes, all our Bouncy castles are suitable for indoor use. Just remember to check the height to the ceiling and the height of the Bouncy Castle. The ceiling must be higher than the hight of the castle booked. Hights of all our castles can be found in their description.

How far in advance to I need to book?
As much notice as possible. At peak times we get fully booked about 2 weeks in advance so its important to book as far in advance as possible.

Do you charge for cancellation? What happens if it rains?
In most cases we don't charge a cancellation charge, so long as you give us some notice so that we can hire the castle out to somebody else. If you give us no or very little notice (other than for bad weather) then you may be liable to a charge.

Is it ok to put a bouncy castle on my lawn, will it cause much damage?
We actually prefer to put the bouncy castle on a lawn area. For safety reasons we must hammer in at least 6 securing pegs to hold the castle down during use. The castle will have a ground sheet placed under it so the grass will not come to any harm. The holes left over from the securing pegs will disappear after a few days.

Can you place a Bouncy Castle on hard ground?
We do prefer grass however it is possible to position on to concrete. We use sandbags to hold the inflatable in place instead of pegs when we position on to a hard floor.

Am I allowed to hire this castle from you and then charge people to use the castle?
Yes you are, but you must bear in mind that you are in charge and must make sure that people who use the castle are safe, don't overload the castle. Remember as the hirer you have a duty of care over the inflatable's users and are liable for any damages.

How many people can use a Bouncy Castle?
Generally speaking, between 6 and 12 children at one time. However this depends on the size of the users and the type of Bouncy Castle. Every inflatable is different, but we do provide detailed information for every item in it's description.

Are your Bouncy Castles safe?
We hold spotless safety record achieved by taking measures like; ensuring every one of our units is tested regularly, ensuring our team are trained thoroughly and refreshed regularly, ensuring that we stay up to date with the latest best practices and HSE legislation.

How much does it cost?
All our prices can be found on our website, typically a Bouncy Castle hire can cost as little as £40. There also may be a small charge for delivery depending on your location. However this will be discussed when we call to discuss your booking.

What if it rains?
Almost all our inflatables come with shower covers and will be fine outside in light rain. Extremely adverse weather does have safety implications and we reserve the right to cancel your booking should we believe that the weather poses a safety hazard, this is very rare though! If you feel that the rain is going to spoil your day, you can usually cancel free of charge as long as you phone before 8am.

Does it need electricity? How is it powered? How much does it use?
Yes, you'll need a normal 13A plug socket within 25 meters of where you want to put the Bouncy Castle. We will bring a 25M extension cord with us. The blower runs continuously and uses about as much electricity as your vacuum cleaner. If you don't have electricity within 25 meters, we can still help. We do have longer leads or can provide a generator.

What time do you deliver?
The price shown is for 5 hours hire, but if required we can usually leave the item(s) longer. Usually we deliver before 12:30pm and collect after 17:30. You can specify times however bookings which take place in unsociable hours may incur an extra fee. We do also offer overnight hire on larger items for a small additional fee.

Do you stay with the equipment?
No we do not stay, once you are happy with the set up and all paperwork has been completed we go and then return to collect later. We may stay to supervise the equipment if prior arrangement has been made, an additional charge will be incurred per member of staff required.

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